No language no permanent residence or citizenship: Moderates reiterate tough stance on immigration


Ulf Kristersson, the leader of Swedish Moderates has called integration in the country a failure and points out that newcomers are finding it hard to integrate into the Swedish society. The party wants the refugee policy to be strict and ‘wise’.

“It is obvious to me that in Sweden we must take our share of responsibility for people who are exposed to danger in a broken world. But we must also take full responsibility for how we do it here in Sweden.”

The party leader was speaking in SVT’s “Talk to the Nation – My Sweden in 2028” program.

He wants refugee laws tightened. And that language should be a requirement for one to get a permanent residence or citizenship.

“If you live in Sweden, you have an obligation to try to learn our language. Therefore, we want to introduce language requirements, both for permanent residence and for Swedish citizenship,” he said.

Parliamentary party leaders attend the SVT program and give a speech telling the electorate how they want Sweden to look like in ten years. In “Speaking to the Nation – My Sweden in 2028” they get 15 minutes to speak directly to the voters.


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