Students express outrage following college admissions bribery scandal


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Many Georgetown University students expressed outrage after a revelation of an admissions bribery scandal involving many elite universities in the United States.

Fifty people, including celebrity parents, coaches and test administrators, were charged Tuesday in a nationwide college admissions cheating and recruitment scheme that sought to help applicants win admission to top-ranking universities including Yale, Stanford, UCLA, University of Texas as well as Georgetown.

According to the indictment, the conspiracy involved bribing university athletic coaches and administrators to admitting students under the guise of being student-athletes, regardless of their athletic abilities, or even, prosecutors said, when they didn’t play the sport at all. Some of the defendants went as far as falsifying athletic profiles in order to make their children look like successful athletes.

It also involved hiring ringers to take college entrance exams for students or bribing insiders at testing centers to correct students’ answers.

Some students of Georgetown University expressed outrage and disappointment at the higher education admissions system.

“I think it is absolutely outrageous. I hope every single one of those parents who try to buy their children into college serves time,” said Kelley, one student.

“I think this is just a slap in the face to a lot of people. I’m just disappointed,” said another student Megan.

Others of the university believe the reputation and integrity of these universities will be undermined as a whole.

“I don’t feel my name particularly is under danger, and people will question me for my Georgetown degree. But certainly I think there might be some reputation that is at risk,” said Martin.

Georgetown University said it let go of tennis coaches implicated in the scandal, but the issue is still a hot topic of debate among students.

Megan said, “When the scandal broke, people start to look around in their classes a little bit differently.”


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