Court blocks Chabad couple from teaching kids at home for religious reasons


A local court has fined a Chabad couple $100k for teaching their children at home for religious reasons after a legal battle spanning eight years.

The Swedish Supreme court denied the request by Gothenburg emissaries to teach their 2 kids at home for religious reasons.

Alexander and Leah Namdar, who are both emissaries of the Chabad movement, received a $67,000 penalty and another $30,000 in trial expenses.

Under the Swedish law, home-schooling is only allowed under special circumstances but religion is not considered as one.

In their heads of arguments, the couple cited their religious beliefs and the perceived vulnerability of Jewish institutions, schools included, to anti-Semitic attacks.

The couple got temporary joy in 2012, when a three-judge panel of the city’s Administrative Courts of Appeal said the couple may continue to provide education at home for their children.

However, the Education Ministry appealed but lost its case in the lower and middle courts before taking the matter to the Supreme Court that delivered the judgement last week that quashed the rulings by lower courts.

The Chabad movement accuse Sweden of “persecution”.



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