Call to criminalise possession of terrorist propaganda in Sweden


Swedish police has called for government to criminalise possession of terrorist propaganda as a way to curb terrorism.

Swedish Security police (Säpo) head, Klas Friberg,  said police have in most cases found propaganda material in the possession of terror suspects and extremist recruiters and that some of the material were instructive on how to carry out terrorist acts.

He said under the circumstances, it was key for government to come up with legislation to curb acts of terror.

“In nearly every act of terror, we find films and pictures with extremely serious acts of violence and executions. The material is produced to recruit supporters or to reinforce the conviction of sympathisers preparing acts of violence,” the police chief was quoted as saying.

He gave the case of  two Gothenburg men who in 2016  were convicted for terrorist offences while in the Middle East, saying that the best evidence in the case came from a film depicting the two men demonstrating decapitation techniques.

The police boss said the same way banning of pornographic material was implemented should be done in this case and that would lead to decrease in acts of terror and radicalisation.

Currently, experts say, Sweden’s laws surrounding even membership in a terrorist group are not sound.

There have been calls to have Sweden emulate laws from other nearby countries including Norway.



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