Shortage of qualified workers hit Sweden : Report


A new Public Employment Agency report has revealed that there is a major shortage of qualified workers on the Swedish job market.

The agency said of the 200 professions analyzed, there was a shortage of qualified staff and there was a high chance of finding employment for those who fit the bill  in three quarters of the total.

The majority of these required tertiary education or other specialized training.

According to the analysis,  people trained as teachers, IT developers or in a medical profession had a high chance of finding work.

Arbetsförmedlingen analyst, Olle Ahlberg, said : “The best way to increase one’s chances of a firm placement in the job market is an upper secondary school or university education.”

He said the shortage in these jobs “has both persisted and increased”.

He also said there was need to increasing the employment rate among foreign-born people in Sweden.

The report said over the next year, the projection looked brighter for civil engineers, technicians, doctors, nurses, teachers including after-school teachers, and various other professions in the care sector.

Professions with a shortage of workers which did not require higher education included bus, tram and lorry driver, mechanics and electricians, waiters and cooks, and assistant nurses.

On the other hand, professions which only required a short training such as receptionists, shop assistants, and caretakers were among the most difficult to find work in, according to the analysis.



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