Girlfriend throws laptop at ‘lustful’ man for looking at other women on plane


There was drama aboard American Airlines after an enraged woman violently threw a laptop at her boyfriend’s face for allegedly looking lustfully at other women.

An unidentified woman used unpalatable words targeted at her boyfriend in the plane accusing him of looking at other women as other passengers looked puzzled.

“You want to try to f—ing look at other women, n—er? Nah, f–k you!” the women could be heard screaming at Miami International Airport on Sunday afternoon threatening more violent confrontation when they get home.

Efforts to stop her by the crew were fruitless despite several warnings for her to stop using such words in the presence of children.

The boyfriend could however have none of it at some point told her she was out of control before he stood to leave, accusing her of assaulting him.

This move only angered her more and continued screaming.

She then flings her laptop straight at him as he moves away down the aisle, hitting him once more as other passengers scream and gasp while a male attendant warned her she would be charged with assault.

As a result of the drama, both were removed from packed jet.


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